How to Hire a Virtual Assistant
Business OperationsFeatured
Wed, 28th June 2017

Your first employee will be a Virtual Assistant, and here’s why

That’s a 4:1 ROI, and if it came to you in the form of an investment opportunity like Stocks, you’ll be kicking yourself silly for not taking it up. The way you consider the roles for your Virtual Assistant should be the same.
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wordpress for pt business
FeaturedOnline Business
Wed, 28th June 2017

Should I use WordPress for my Personal Training business’ website?

1 in 4 websites today are built on WordPress – which is quite astounding, given the many different options available right now. But why should you use it? This article will talk about the reason why WP is the platform for you, and why we…
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Brand BuildingFeatured
Fri, 23rd June 2017

More PT clients from website visitors -without- increasing your website traffic

How do you grasp online marketing, all while trying to grow a business? This article will run you through a brilliant (and free) strategy for growing your client-base – as well as give you the run down on the basics of marketing 101 for fitness…
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Real Name vs your Business Name – how should you trade as a PT?
Brand BuildingFeatured
Tue, 6th June 2017

Do I use my real name or a business name when I work as a PT?

You're looking at going out on your own as a personal trainer – do you trade as yourself, or do you focus all the attention on your business name?
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Smart Goals – Why Procedures are Better
FeaturedPersonal GrowthPersonal Training
Tue, 18th April 2017

SMART Goals: They’re kind of Dumb (without a proper process). 3 Steps to make them work.

I will treat this time as sacred, unchanging, and as if it were an unbreakable appointment with the most important person in the world – because it is.
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Negative Reviews – how to handle them
FeaturedOnline Business
Tue, 4th April 2017

Negative reviews on social media (sometimes you need to feed the trolls)

When someone leaves a negative review, they’re trying to air your dirty laundry. They’re trying to feel ‘right’ about an experience – in the only way they know how.
The intended audience isn’t you – most of the time they probably could care less if you liked…
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DISC Personality type + communicating with clients
FeaturedPersonal TrainingSales
Thu, 30th March 2017

DISC Personality types – it’s how you communicate with clients, not only how you train them

I want you to think about your ‘outside-of-the-gym’ communication. You can communicate in a way that is accessible to all personality types – meaning no ambiguity, but is that enough? Is that communicating with influence?
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Grow little email list, grow!
Brand BuildingFeatured
Tue, 28th March 2017

What’s the best way to grow an email list on my website?

”Email is like Jason Bourne. Everything keeps trying to kill it. It can’t be done.” Email has been around and mainstream for 20 years, and it hasn’t shown signs of wavering yet. As long as you continue to provide value to your customers via email…
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Inertia + Fear
Thu, 23rd March 2017

Fear + Inertia = why your business launch is taking so long

He worries aloud to me: “what if this happens, or they say that, or they find out you’re actually blah, or nobody laughs at your jokes.” The thing that always saves me is remembering that I’m the one driving. And as loudly as he’ll try…
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What is the objective of your website?
FeaturedOnline BusinessSales
Tue, 21st March 2017

Sales: one of the main reasons for having a personal training website

The Red Cross, The Cancer Council – they’re all working for important causes. But they pounce on you when you’re weak, tired, hungry, or distracted, and you can’t shake them off. *Okay, so maybe not the best analogy for a personal training website.
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