Inertia + Fear
Thu, 23rd March 2017

Fear + Inertia = why your business launch is taking so long

He worries aloud to me: “what if this happens, or they say that, or they find out you’re actually blah, or nobody laughs at your jokes.” The thing that always saves me is remembering that I’m the one driving. And as loudly as he’ll try…
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What should you do if someone is already serving your niche?
Business OperationsOpinion
Tue, 7th March 2017

What if there is already another fitness business serving your niche?

I’m resisting the temptation to chuck in a Dilbert comic strip into this article. Why you need to pay attention if you discover a business bigger or more experienced currently serving your niche.
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Share your Fitness Journey to help Motivate your clients
OpinionPersonal Training
Wed, 18th January 2017

Share your fitness journey to motivate your clients.

They’re tired of how they feel, their motivation isn’t for success or in favour of vitality – they’re often just simply afraid of what will happen if they don’t act right now.
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january joiners
Tue, 10th January 2017

Please stop hating on the January joiners.

They're using gym equipment in ways that make you want to cringe, film so you can show your gym buddies, or watch intently (but silently), in case you need to jump in with some First Aid.
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