DISC Personality type + communicating with clients
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Thu, 30th March 2017

DISC Personality types – it’s how you communicate with clients, not only how you train them

I want you to think about your ‘outside-of-the-gym’ communication. You can communicate in a way that is accessible to all personality types – meaning no ambiguity, but is that enough? Is that communicating with influence?
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What is the objective of your website?
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Tue, 21st March 2017

Sales: one of the main reasons for having a personal training website

The Red Cross, The Cancer Council – they’re all working for important causes. But they pounce on you when you’re weak, tired, hungry, or distracted, and you can’t shake them off. *Okay, so maybe not the best analogy for a personal training website.
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Thu, 16th March 2017

Signing clients this way should be Illegal: The Course

Frankly, if you want to run a business – you’re going to need to know how to sell. I uncover the research by legendary Psychologist Robert Cialdini, and present his findings on the Art of 'Getting a Yes' in an easy to digest manner.
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Advanced Client Referral Sales Strategy: Be more like Don
Thu, 26th January 2017

Advanced Referral Sales Strategy for Personal Trainers (Part 3)

Final part in our brilliant Client Referral Strategy – guaranteed to quickly fill your appointment book at a rate that you wouldn’t believe. Expanding on Parts 1 & 2, this method isn’t for the faint of heart.

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Referred Clients – Part 2 of the Unstoppable Referral Strategy
Tue, 24th January 2017

Referred clients from existing customers (Part 2)

The less effort they have to put in to satisfy your ask for a referral, the more likely they will be to follow through. This is the best strategy we have encountered so far.

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Client Referral Strategies - pt 1
Fri, 20th January 2017

Unstoppable PT Client Referral Strategy (Part 1)

Part 1: With this unstoppable client referral strategy, we look at the psychology of social proof, and how you can grow your client base with just two phone calls and one question.
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free sessions to signed clients – learn from Alec B: always be closing.
Tue, 17th January 2017

Free trial sessions to attract new clients – how to get the Yes at the end.

How do you get them to sign on the line which is dotted? It takes a bit of courage, and even after 20 times, the 'ask' part still stings – but it will sting less with each and every 'yes.' Here are 3 simple steps…
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