Thu, 16th March 2017

Signing clients this way should be Illegal: The Course

Frankly, if you want to run a business – you’re going to need to know how to sell. I uncover the research by legendary Psychologist Robert Cialdini, and present his findings on the Art of 'Getting a Yes' in an easy to digest manner.
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Articles for Personal Trainers
FeaturedPersonal Training
Tue, 14th March 2017

Am I a bad Personal Trainer? 10 Questions to ask when your clients don’t stick around.

In this article, we take a look at survey results of PTs, plus research into ‘what makes a bad PT’ from a client’s perspective. I turn the answers around so you can ask yourself questions about your training style, and figure out if you need…
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Remembering your Secure Passwords
FeaturedOnline Business
Sat, 11th March 2017

3 ways your account can be Hacked – How I manage and remember ridiculously strong passwords

What actually happens here, and how can you prevent it from happening to you? This article will go through the causes of these ‘hacks’ and how you can prevent it from happening to you. Plus, how you can ensure your passwords are strong enough.
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Stop Skipping Cooldown, please!
FeaturedPersonal Training
Thu, 9th March 2017

Stop Skipping Cooldown: The importance of HR recovery for your PT clients

By skipping or half-assing our cool-downs, we are delaying the process of muscular tear recovery in the short-term, and are increasing the load on our heart over the course of our lives.
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What should you do if someone is already serving your niche?
Business OperationsOpinion
Tue, 7th March 2017

What if there is already another fitness business serving your niche?

I’m resisting the temptation to chuck in a Dilbert comic strip into this article. Why you need to pay attention if you discover a business bigger or more experienced currently serving your niche.
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What is the best method for booking clients in automatically (and taking pre-payment)? We discuss the best option here on PT Champion – Articles for Fitness Professionals.
Business OperationsFeatured
Sat, 4th March 2017

The Best Method for Booking Clients in for Sessions + Taking Pre-Payment

What is the easiest, no-brainer solution for taking client appointments? In this article, I’ll give you an overview of my #1 choice, as well as what the solution you go with absolutely must have.
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4 examples of Great Fitness websites in 2017
Brand BuildingFeaturedOnline Business
Thu, 2nd March 2017

4 Top Examples of Well Designed Fitness Industry Websites in 2017

Whilst it’s important that site looks great, there’s a few other categories to win points in the contest that are extremely important, but are ever so often overlooked. We look at 4 examples of great fitness websites, and point out what makes them so.
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Business OperationsFeatured
Tue, 28th February 2017

Your Inbox is not your To-Do list: Only check your Inbox When Ready

Hiding the inbox will eliminate any temptation to glance at it (when a notification comes in, or otherwise). This means that you are now in control of when you want to read your emails, rather than that distraction monkey inside of you calling the shots.
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Grow your future with Acorns
FeaturedPersonal Growth
Thu, 23rd February 2017

From little things (acorns), big things grow

The fastest way to get started investing is by using Acorns – small-change micro-investing that your future-self will thank you for.
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