“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”

Brené Brown via TEDxHouston: “The Power of Vulnerability”

Sharing your Fitness Journey to help connect with clients & motivate them

Trainer story + client reality

It’s not likely that you were born an athlete. It’s not even likely that you are in peak fitness right now.
In fact – it wouldn’t be so strange to say that PTs have it particularly tough when it comes to maintaining their own fitness goals.  The last thing you want to do, particularly if you work full-time in a gym, is work out – even though this might be the one ‘chore’ that will keep you sane.

Whatever the reason may be as to why you became a PT, you have some common ground with the brand new client standing before you.

At some stage, you were at your very own day one with your fitness.

I encourage you to share your fitness journey with your clients – particularly those who are new to embracing a new fitness lifestyle.
Clients come to you from challenging, hectic personal lives, and need your help because for years – perhaps decades – they have put themselves and their health as second best.
Nearly all of those come to you don’t have it easy.  They’re tired of how they feel, their motivation isn’t for success or in favour of vitality – they’re often just simply afraid of what will happen if they don’t act right now.

Clients pay you for your service as a fitness professional, and it is your job and obligation to train and encourage them within your capabilities.
It is also your duty to connect with those you train on a human level.

To share with them how you didn’t always enjoy waking before the sun did, as you rolled out of bed into your gym shoes.
How you didn’t laugh about having to hold your ears on a cold morning as you ran around a frost-covered oval.
How there were times before you could walk past a full-length mirror on the way to the shower and not frown.

Show your clients that it’s not meant to be easy, and recount to them that your results didn’t come naturally, and that ‘fitness and health’ aren’t only someone’s focus for only a season.

It is understanding that you’re there to guide, push mental barriers, and correct form, yes – but mostly, for them to have someone to hold them accountable.

Your fitness journey isn’t only part of your history, it can help a client realise the potential in their own future.

The knowledge that it isn’t the three times they break a sweat each week, but it’s cultivating that moment of pause between being offered a slice of cake, smiling, and saying no thank you.

It’s every small moment of each and every day that they smile to themselves and know that they’re investing – choosing in favour of their future selves.

And maybe if they know that their trainer can make it through, they might be able to do it, too.


Happy Training.