Frankly, if you want to run a business – you’re going to need to know how to sell.

This Free Course will take the combined decades of research by legendary Psychologist Robert Cialdini, and present his findings in an easy to digest manner, split across 1 week, direct to your inbox.

Psychology of Selling – 1 Week Free Email Course

Cialdini presented six ‘Weapons’ that business to business salespeople, lawyers, some types of advertisements, and charity spruikers use against us every day.

He called them weapons, so as to emphasise just how much of a disadvantage you have going up against them unarmed.

If they are that powerful, do you even want to know them?

When you come against one of these in the wild, an absent minded yes is almost inevitable. Those using a combo of two, three, or more weapons can be virtually indestructible.

You need to understand the weapons so you can: 

1. Have a shot at an even playing-field with your competitors

2. Protect yourself from them when they are used against you.

Thwart the effects of Compliance Practitioners with this course.

The origins of this course:

This course came about, because I was having too many conversations with PTs who couldn’t fill their appointment books.

A large part of it is marketing. If you already have the potential client’s attention, and they’re at least fairly sure(or better) that they’re going to hire a trainer, it should always be you they hire.

This course might not be for you if…

  • You have too many clients to train already.
  • Time spent developing your skills and improving the way you relate with your clients isn’t important to you.
  • You’re not serious about being your own boss, supporting yourself and your family, and building your name as a top Personal Trainer in your area.


If you want to learn how to sign clients like no other, read on.

If you want to be able to defend yourself against others using these strategies against you, read on.

You don’t want to kick yourself later down the track for giving this a miss.


What if you have read Cialdini’s classic ‘Weapons of Influence’ (the namesake for this course) already?

Still read on, this will be a great refresher for you, updated to be suitable for this year. I’ll also be structuring it around examples from the Fitness Industry, as well as instruction on how to simplify your sales process.

Each lesson will include:

A seven-part email series, delivered to you every day.
Each email will focus on a different skillset for you to add to your mental toolbox.
With these tools, you can understand what makes people want to say yes, trust you, and become your client.
You’ll also learn how to spot these techniques when they are being used against you.

Course Overview – Each lesson:

  • One of Robert Cialdini’s Weapons, detailed, in an easy-to-digest email.
  • Action Steps to implement in your practice
  • ‘Look Out’ section – to help you combat weapons used against you in real life.

This is the year you make serious money.

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What’s the catch?

You’re my ‘beta tester’, to steal an expression from the Tech industry.
The condition for getting this course for free is that at the very end, I’ll send you a short 2 minute survey.
This is so I can see what you liked about it, and where I could improve and refine the course.

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