DISC Personality type + communicating with clients
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Thu, 30th March 2017

DISC Personality types – it’s how you communicate with clients, not only how you train them

I want you to think about your ‘outside-of-the-gym’ communication. You can communicate in a way that is accessible to all personality types – meaning no ambiguity, but is that enough? Is that communicating with influence?
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free sessions to signed clients – learn from Alec B: always be closing.
Tue, 17th January 2017

Free trial sessions to attract new clients – how to get the Yes at the end.

How do you get them to sign on the line which is dotted? It takes a bit of courage, and even after 20 times, the 'ask' part still stings – but it will sting less with each and every 'yes.' Here are 3 simple steps…
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