Smart Goals – Why Procedures are Better
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Tue, 18th April 2017

SMART Goals: They’re kind of Dumb (without a proper process). 3 Steps to make them work.

I will treat this time as sacred, unchanging, and as if it were an unbreakable appointment with the most important person in the world – because it is.
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DISC Personality type + communicating with clients
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Thu, 30th March 2017

DISC Personality types – it’s how you communicate with clients, not only how you train them

I want you to think about your ‘outside-of-the-gym’ communication. You can communicate in a way that is accessible to all personality types – meaning no ambiguity, but is that enough? Is that communicating with influence?
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Articles for Personal Trainers
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Tue, 14th March 2017

Am I a bad Personal Trainer? 10 Questions to ask when your clients don’t stick around.

In this article, we take a look at survey results of PTs, plus research into ‘what makes a bad PT’ from a client’s perspective. I turn the answers around so you can ask yourself questions about your training style, and figure out if you need…
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Stop Skipping Cooldown, please!
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Thu, 9th March 2017

Stop Skipping Cooldown: The importance of HR recovery for your PT clients

By skipping or half-assing our cool-downs, we are delaying the process of muscular tear recovery in the short-term, and are increasing the load on our heart over the course of our lives.
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Share your Fitness Journey to help Motivate your clients
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Wed, 18th January 2017

Share your fitness journey to motivate your clients.

They’re tired of how they feel, their motivation isn’t for success or in favour of vitality – they’re often just simply afraid of what will happen if they don’t act right now.
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Should I Train Clients for Free?
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Thu, 29th December 2016

Never (ever) train clients for free.

Whenever any potential client sends through an enquiry, follow this simple 1 step checklist to not end up in this position. Even if it is your BFF.
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