wordpress for pt business
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Wed, 28th June 2017

Should I use WordPress for my Personal Training business’ website?

1 in 4 websites today are built on WordPress – which is quite astounding, given the many different options available right now. But why should you use it? This article will talk about the reason why WP is the platform for you, and why we…
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What is the objective of your website?
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Tue, 21st March 2017

Sales: one of the main reasons for having a personal training website

The Red Cross, The Cancer Council – they’re all working for important causes. But they pounce on you when you’re weak, tired, hungry, or distracted, and you can’t shake them off. *Okay, so maybe not the best analogy for a personal training website.
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4 examples of Great Fitness websites in 2017
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Thu, 2nd March 2017

4 Top Examples of Well Designed Fitness Industry Websites in 2017

Whilst it’s important that site looks great, there’s a few other categories to win points in the contest that are extremely important, but are ever so often overlooked. We look at 4 examples of great fitness websites, and point out what makes them so.
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Does your Fitness Business website need to be secured with HTTPS?
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Sat, 11th February 2017

The 3 main reasons your Fitness Business needs a secure website (https://)

Should your Fitness Business' website be secured by HTTPS? What is it? Why is it important? We discuss the 3 main reasons why you absolutely should lower the cone of silence over your website today.
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5 Website Tweaks PTs can make immediately to optimise their site for search engine ranking (SEO)
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Sat, 14th January 2017

5 Website Tweaks PTs can make immediately to optimise their site for search engine ranking.

Google keeps the lid on their 11 herbs and spices of page ranking sealed very tight, but here’s some basic Search Engine Optimisation tweaks for Personal Trainers to follow to be easily found by their target audience.
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Mobile Websites for PTs – what you need to know
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Thu, 12th January 2017

Mobile Websites for PTs: Basics you need to know.

According to Google: 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% of those visit a competitor’s site instead. (2016)
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